About Us

We are a family run business conveniently located in downtown Toronto.

Our team is made up of a pharmacist, registered homeopath and certified nutritionist; we feature one stop shopping for both your conventional and natural alternative health needs. We work with both conventional and holistic healthcare professionals to provide the highest level of care and products for our customers.

Our Approach

We take a very personalized approach for our clients and customers. We can combine your prescription medication and supplements in daily pouches for convenience and ease of taking. We can also dispense supplements by the capsule. Which means we only charge you for what you need and adjustments can easily be made to your therapy plan. No ½ used bottles collecting dust! We also keep each client’s complete medical profile so we can diagnose any possible interactions between drugs, supplements and medical conditions.

Who We Are

Irina Vorotynskaya

Irina is a registered homeopath and holistic nutritionist and part-owner in UT Pharmacy and Print. Irina grew up in Moscow and graduated from pharmacy school in Moscow in 1991. In 2005 she moved to Canada with Roman and her two kids. After her own experience with illness, Irina recognized the power in natural remedies and decided to return to school to study Homeopathy and graduated from the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. A few years later she went back to school to study Holistic Nutrition realizing the synergistic healing power of nutrition in combination with homeopathy. In her spare time when she is not in the pharmacy you can find Irina walking their 4 rescue dogs.

Roman Vorotynskiy

Roman also grew up in Moscow and is a graduate of pharmacy school. It’s actually where they met each other. They worked together in their own pharmacy in Moscow for many years. After a few years of living in Canada, Roman went back to school at U of T to update his credentials so he could become a pharmacist in Canada. Now he is part owner in UT Pharmacy and Print and the resident pharmacist.

Irina and Roman opened UT Pharmacy and Print in Fall 2017. They wanted to create a neighbourhood pharmacy where customers felt like part of a caring family. A place where they could drop by for a coffee and advice on their health concerns.

The Benefits of Working with Us


  • All insurance plans accepted
  • Student and senior discounts on all non-prescription products
  • Free 15 minute walk-in or phone consultations
  • Community resource for health advice
  • Personal appointments available with a nutritionist and homeopath
  • Huge variety of supplements available in-store and online


  • Less worry about supplement stocking in your clinic dispensary
  • Tracking of patient compliance
  • Special access to our catalogue of supplements
  • Appreciation program available