Huge Selection of Vitamins, Supplements & Probiotics

Choose individual packages or combine your daily needs into one of our personalized “blister packs”

Benefits of Blister Packs:

  • Compliance: It’s a daily supply divided into doses
    for 1-2-3-4 week supply, easy to take.
  • You pay for the exact days of supply, no money wasted.
  • All supplements are carefully selected
    by our healthcare practitioners

We offer a 15 min complimentary (free of charge) phone consultation. You’ll get a better understanding of why you may need to take dietary supplements and if you decide to do so, we’ll help you to choose the best options.

Option #1 – Foundational
Excellent selection of supplements to support your daily activities

Option #2 – Optimal
This option is based on the same products as Option # 1, and also includes supplements which are specific to certain conditions, such as cold and flu season, winter etc.

Option #3 – Advanced
This option is specifically built for those who have a medical condition(s), take medication(s), have a dietary restriction(s) or allergy

Option #4 – A la Carte
Any product in any dosage form based on the recommendations of your or our practitioner.

The price range for every option may vary depending on the availability of the particular product. Prices for Options # 1-3 are based on a 28 day supply (4×7 day blister packs)

We care about your optimal health, all our supplements are made by reputable nutraceutical companies and are for professional use only.

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Vitamin C Products

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